Entertainment Wristband

Need Entertainment Wristband with “Merry Christmas,” “Trick or Treat,” or “Happy 4th of July” messaging or themed designs? We carry a variety of wristbands and bracelets for holidays such as Christmas, Independence Day, and Halloween. They come pre-designed with fun and festive color patterns to match your event and holiday.

Our secure wristbands and bracelets for holidays are designed to be tamper-evident and help keep your event’s admissions secure. Guests are unable to share their wristbands, as every wristband has built-in security features that let your staff know when a wristband has been taken off. Below, you will find holiday wristbands in a range of materials, including Tyvek®, plastic, and silicone.

Plastic wristbands feature one-time use snap closures that cannot be used more than once, while Tyvek® wristbands have strong adhesive closures with tamper-evident cuts that shred along the adhesive area when removed. Don’t let your party be ruined by gatecrashers. For other popular celebrations, see our other holiday wristband collections.