RFID Disposable ABS Wristband are widely use in festival, events, parties, hospital, etc. Ranging from the Disposable Wristbands, through to our TYVEK, Plastic, Vinyl options. Adapting RFID technology to a security wristband. Mainly using 13.56 MHz and 860~960MHz frequency RFID inlay adhering inside of TYVEK or plastic, these Disposable RFID Wristbands will be more competitive and easy for wearing.

RFID Disposable ABS Wristband a new generation of PVC / ABS disposable wristbands stores a unique ID with which authorized access can be allowed. Plastic disposable RFID wristbands also can be as e-wallet for water park tourist application and event access control.

One-way TYVEK Wristband is idea for access control to events, festivals, open airs, concerts and of course for hospital patients. The TYVEK bracelet on the backside embedded the RFID inlay, if the band tampered or removed, wristband void.

Thermal Printable Wristband is designed for you to print on them on demand with a direct thermal printer. This allows you to have a security wristband right at the point of sale so it can customized uniquely for each and every customer that comes through the door. This gives you the ability to use names, linear bar-codes, 2-D bar-codes and more.